2013 Kia ceed hatchback leaked: new photos

2013 Kia ceed hatchback new photos 2013 Kia ceed hatchback leaked: new photos

2013 Kia ceed hatchback new photos 1 2013 Kia ceed hatchback leaked: new photos

Kia offered a peak at the Ceed of next generation when in the last week it has published one photo showing the next model from the front. The preview is now being completed by showcasing the side and back view of the 5-door hatchback. So it is well known what can be expected from the Geneva Motor Show to be held this year and also the place where this new Ceed would make its debut. It is after the premiere that is to be held in the Swiss Capital, the new model will enter the Europe market for sale. The car will have a better interior, a driver oriented dash and high quality materials along with a refreshed exterior. This model is all set to make its debut in the Geneva Motor Show.

Sources reveal that this model will be powered by 1.6 L GDI turbo which is similar to the one fitted in the Hundai Veloster Turbo. If sources are to be believed then it can be expected that this new model will give an output of 201 horses. The three door and the estate version Kia Ceed are also to go together with the 5 door range some time later. The images revealed shows updates of the style from the car that is existing with signs being borrowed from the new Kia Optima and the revised Kia Rio.

Reports from Kia World reveals that the new hatchback will be marketed for Europe exclusively but it is likely that a version to replace the Forte five door will soon be available in the US market. However, Kia has not said much but has made an announcement regarding its plans for a Forte Sedan. So till the car gets launched in the market we have to keep on waiting.


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