2013 Nissan Pathfinder Reflects Image of Infinity’s JX Crossover

2013 Nissan Pathfinder 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Reflects Image of Infinity’s JX Crossover

Toyota and Nissan are running neck to neck in gifting sophisticated cars with excellent drive train and aerodynamic facelifts. However, changes in the format of car designs happen frequently as new technology is on its way to refurbish the automobile industry in a more dynamic way. If you are a researcher, you will have to go deep to incise properly using your analytical expertise to trace the pitfalls in the car upgradation and tuning programs. However Nissan’s achievement is envious as it has already proved that it is unbeaten in the domestic and international automobile industries. Pathfinder is the new concept car which will be remodeled into a crossover car. In that case, Nissan has used its innovative technology to change the pattern of car decoration and tuning process.

The crossover car is aerodynamic and its exterior shape is appreciable as experts have chalked out plans to merge retro exterior and interior car compartment designs with sophisticated street nav system. Maybe it sounds odd to some extent but in actuality, experts are empowered to bring a sea-change by applying classic beauty to increase the glamour of the car. The body of the car will be based on Infinity’s JX crossover vehicle. This car offers seating arrangement for maximum seven passengers. Though nothing special prevails in updation of the car tuning program, in a board meeting CEO has clarified that engineers can install VQ V6 engine plus all wheel drive system into the car. Frame of the car compartment has been given a nostalgic outlook to necessitate car lovers for remembering conventional styles and car designs.

A number of photos have been flashed in the official website. This car has been projected aerodynamic instead of having a big nose fascia at the front. Color matching is good and the rate of carbon release tendency is neg.


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