2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia Variants – More Eco-friendly

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia Variants 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia Variants   More Eco friendly

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia Variants 2 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia Variants   More Eco friendly

Customers’ satisfaction is the most valuable reward to any car designer. CEO of Fiat has proved that all automakers must be more careful and duty bound to tailor cars to bring satisfaction to customers who must be rejoiced to watch the beauty, glamour and structural elegance of cars. They must start clapping to touch and feel the presence of any aerodynamic easy to drive car.

To be frank, Sergio has not felt hesitated to backfire bad platitudes towards the designer of Alfa Romeo Giulia variant. This vehicle should be backtracked to lab for redesigning as the Sergio, CEO of Fiat, is not gratified after looking askance to the fascia of the car. On being asked about his displeasure over the car design, he has stated very clearly that this futuristic model has aesthetic lackluster and want of rhythm in color combination. A car aficionado must feel an aching joy for his eco-friendly sweetheart which will give him few golden moments for peaceful trips. In addition, the CEO has also highlighted the area of facelift design. Alfa has the lack of Fiat architectural beauty. It must be tuned up in such a way so that a car lover must admit that Alfa is the replica of Fiat family. Wagon station and frontal fascia of the car must have different looks. Colors must be more eye-adjustable. Street nav accessories should be more up to date.

Therefore Alfa futuristic model has been sent back to drawing chamber for changing the format of overall design. Cosmetic makeup will be applied in a different way to enhance the natural charisma of the vehicle.

The rate of fuel consumption is low whereas this is the vehicle which will not contaminate human society by backfiring huge amount of carbon. By 2014, there will be premier show of the car instead of attending global auto show in this running year.


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