2014 Ford F-150 Truck to Be Built with Aluminum for Weight Loss

Ford F 150 2014 04 2014 Ford F 150 Truck to Be Built with Aluminum for Weight Loss

Believe it or not, basically car tuners prefer changes in upgradation of technical configuration, automatic transmission, street navigation accessory and drive-train pack. Ford is not an exception in this context. However, Ford has its own strategy to take care of specific areas to upgrade vehicles. Instead of investing the whole day to change the power-train, automatic transmission and street monitoring system, Ford is making a bold attempt to prioritize the usage of durable aluminum sheets to manufacture and upgrade chassis and car compartment over the application of ultra light materials to insulate the car compartment.

Better to say, in American automobile sectors, it has become a fashion to apply the most innovative technology to change the whole format of the vehicle compartment. Newly upgraded street nav systems, eco-friendly engine and torque generating kit are used to ensure the compact car tuning program. Whatever it may be, you can’t resist the flow of forceful stream. Time is changeable and new technology is making inroad into automobile industry to ensure up to date car upgradation dynamically overtaking conventional legacy.

Ford has finally taken a right decision to use aluminum to manufacture the body frame of F-Series so that the truck will be durable, weather resistant and more competent to run at rapid speed. 2014 P552 truck of F-Series will be remodeled and rejuvenated by installing aluminum panels to reinforce the immune system of the vehicle. Both exterior and interior sides of the truck will be reshaped by making the usage of the sophisticated technology. At an intimate close-up session, Derrick, one of the top brass officials of the management board of Ford has divulged that the company is taking steps to remove the obesity of the futuristic doppelgangers by using strong but light weight aluminum to lessen the weight of the hardware of vehicles. By 2019, up to 700 pounds will be lowered to make the truck more flexible, dynamic and less weighty.

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