Audi unveils 2012 US Bound S5 Special Edition

2012 Audi US Bound S5 Special Edition Audi unveils 2012 US Bound S5 Special Edition

Audi has made a wise decision while choosing Facebook, which is one of the most popular social networking sites for unveiling the US bound special edition S5. The German model which features a dark grey look is equipped with a five armed designed 19 inch alloy wheels accommodating passengers and driver in a two cabin combining leather of black and white. This new model will also be featured with different fibre elements of carbon and piano black accents, unique floor mats and badging. Other details are yet come our way. We have to wait for more details till they are disclosed. However, the production for this model will not cross the limit of 125 units with its price starting from 68,700 USD.

We hope the Audi S5 SE will perform well and will satisfy its customers with all its specification. We wish luck and best wishes to its production. Till it gets introduced in the market nothing can be said firmly but we can guess that it will win many hearts will be one of the best selling cars. Till then let us wait for it to be introduced in the market.


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