Ferrari FF with Produces 875bhp after Conversion

Ferrari FF with bio ethanol E85 conversion Ferrari FF with Produces 875bhp after Conversion

Ferrari FF has been modified and upgraded by experts to increase its working efficiency. However, there are other important facts which need to be highlighted properly to asses the competency level of this vehicle.

Ferrari FF is fuel economic and remarkably energy efficient. Experts have prioritized the acceleration of break horsepower or BHP. Comparing to the previous Ferrari FF model which generates 651 bhp, this latest car can produce 875bhp. This hyper car runs on diesel. This type of upgradation of break horsepower has been made possible due to the selection of E85 bio-ethanol system. Experts have confirmed the conversion of fuel system to a more energy efficient E85 bio ethanol system. That’s why at the same time the rate of carbon emission is dramatically low with a superb interior car design.

There are other major changes which have been done with the conversion of super car into hyper car using the E85 bio ethanol fuel system. One of the official spokespersons has stated with clarity that the carbon release rate has been taken care of specially. In past this car emitted 360g carbon per kilometer. However after the modification, per kilometer, 100 gm carbon will be backfired to check the air contamination. At the same time, this new vehicle has also upgraded sprinting time which has been recorded 3 seconds to cover 100 km/h whereas previous model has the sprinting time up to 3.7 seconds to cover the same distance. Therefore 20 % increase takes place. Ferrari FF model has the sophisticated powertrain, automatic transmission and more ultra-modern street mapping tool. The odometer and the tachometer have received new facelifts. Dampers are powerful to check the shock to enhance the technical upgradation of this vehicle. The interior portion of the compartment has been filled up with retractable car seats, dash and infotainment system. This is the car which looks smart and its mind blowing color contrast will certainly make you happy to drive your dream cab.

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