Ford Plans to Triple Production of EcoBoost Engines in 2012

2012 Ford Triple Production of EcoBoost Engines Ford Plans to Triple Production of EcoBoost Engines in 2012

In order to meet the standards of emission and ever tightening fuel, direct injection and induction by force are ways combustion gasoline engines. This has been followed by Ford with its EcoBoost and so far it has paid nicely for it giving upto 127,883 sales in the year 2011. The best example is the F-150 pick up truck. In 2010, all the pieces sold in US were featured with V8 engines. In 2011, more than half of the buyers downsized to V6, making a choice between the 365HP 3.5 liter or 305HP 3.7 liter EcoBoost.

The full size sedan Taurus would be the first Blue Oval model which will be available in two EcoBoost units, a 2.0 L four cylinder with an output of 237 HP and a fuel consumption of 31mpg and another a twin turbocharged 3.5 L V6 with an output of 365 HP and 25 mpg in the highway. The Escape SUV and Fusion mid size sedan will also feature EcoBoost engines allowing a displacement of 1.6 and 2 liters which gives up to 20% less consumption than high capacity engines with same power output. As per the vice president of Sustainability and Safety Engineering of Ford, the company is committed to deliver to its customer class leading fuel economy which would prove advantageous to the environment and would help US move to energy independence.

Ford aims to have 9 models by the end of this year with an EPA certificate of 40 mpg highway consumption. Furthermore, the fuel efficient model range will increase in 2012.

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