Growth Oriented Mercedes and Pioneer Create Project-X DJ van

Mercedes and Pioneer Create Project X DJ van Growth Oriented Mercedes and Pioneer Create Project X DJ van

Project X has been given a new look and dimension by Mercedes which has had a long lasting tie up with Pioneer Great Britain. This growth oriented Project X is user-friendly and reliable to people who want to watch a technological breakthrough in the automobile industry.

This Project X has been engineered imitating Mercedes Vito 122CDI Sport X Dualiner which draws power from energy efficient 3.0 liter V6 diesel fed powertrain. According to experts, the new powertrain can generate 224 hp and 440 NM torque to activate both front plus rear wheelbases. The sprinting time of the car is 0-60 mph within the time frame of 8.3 seconds. The remarkable speed of the car hovers around 122mph.

The interior of Vito concept is generally loaded with 25000 GBP. The technical spec includes other areas of concern like engine upgradation, street nav system, new subs variants and upgradation of amplifiers. Champion series subs are 10 inch in size. In this connection, you can watch the different colorful snapshots of Mercedes and Pioneer Create Project-X DJ van which will be more energy efficient and fuel economic.

The up to date Project X has a close rapport with Brabus features which include ergonomic steering wheel, double spoke designed wheelbases plus chrome plated sidebars. The Project X is also upgrade with suspension tools, tinted glass insulated reflectors inclusive of dynamic and ultra-modern metallic cosmetic makeup to enhance the natural aesthete and glow of the car. That’s why, when you decide to buy this new concept car, you will have to check the updated technical spec sheet for better conception about the availability of technical features of the vehicle. The Project X will hold the name of the company in high stature. Later, this type of joint venture will surely inspire budding automakers to seek for better collaboration for introducing energy efficient and environment friendly vehicles.

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