Haval H5 SUV – Same Name with Distinct Features

2012 Haval H5 SUV 1 Haval H5 SUV   Same Name with Distinct Features

ICML, the parent company of famous Sonalika has decided to important the car upgradation technology and design from Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors. For few years back, there has been a radical change in the format of car design. You will experience a technical modification in the sphere of a sedan, a coupe, a crossover and a cabriolet. The sea-change in the upgradation of the vehicle is strongly felt.

However, recently, sports utility vehicle or SUV variant has been given a special emphasis. This time Sonalika, the sister branch of ICML has been given direction to work out on Haval H5 which will look like XUV. This SUV crossover car has the spacious compartment with a hi-tech street nav system.

The proper size of Haval H5 car is 4649 mmL x 1735 mmH x 1810 mm W. This sportive car is longer to some extent comparing to Tata Safari Storm and shorter than Tata Aria. H5 will run on both diesel and petrol. The car tuning kit contains an energy efficient 2.5 liter capacitated CRDi diesel fed powertrain which generates 170 break horse power inclusive of 298 NM torque. This car which is known in different names depending on the country and geographical location will have a dash, retractable car squads, leather accessories, glass windscreen, non-retractable slide glass windows, washers, an ergonomic steering wheel, an odometer, a speedometer and a tachometer. There is enough space inside the car compartment for the safekeeping of the passengers as well. Fluorescent bulbs are positioned into bezels for ensuring the street monitoring system. There is a spacious wagon station for keeping luggage in safe. This sports utility vehicle is energy efficient and fuel economic. A sophisticated infotainment has been installed inside the car cabin. Right now Sonalika has engineered a one-off car model for further trials. Maybe within a year, the car will receive the final facelift for entering into the market.


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