Jacek to Change the Format of Old BMW M3 Coupe

2014 BMW M3 Sports Cars Front PIcture Jacek to Change the Format of Old BMW M3 Coupe

BMW has made it clear that whatever it may come to obstruct the way to progression; the company will not spare anything for the sake of the development of the production unit of the firm.

However, it is also true that for the last few years, BMW has been facing different types of management related problems. The top brass of the management of BMW has finally declared that this company has tailored a compact car upgradation program with the sole purpose of bringing dimensional change in the format of the car tuning and upgradation. M3 coupe of BMW lineup is the old variant and this car has been emulsified to a great extent. The newly upgraded M3 coupe will be loaded with energy efficient powertrain, automatic transmission, servos, clutch disc hub, dampers, struts, and of course exhaust tools for ensuring the trouble free driving.

Jacek Kolodziejczyk is the modern car designer who has been given power and liberty to artistically tune the car. He is a well known designer to make the car more attractive and presentable. He has applied his imagination and intelligence to tune up the car artistically. You will feel a rhythm in your heart when you drive the car down the New York Street to visit an exotic tourist spot or meet your sweetheart. M4 variant will be backfired to the market by 2013-14. The car designer is very hopeful about the future prospect of the vehicle. Jacek has borrowed styles and technical specifications from F30 3-Series and old M3 car models to beautify this eco-friendly vehicle. Car wheels are properly fixed to the base platform of the car. The level of security of the vehicle is also remarkably massive and deeply appreciable.

It has been confirmed by experts of the company that horse power generating capability of three turbo charged engines will be 450hp. The automatic transmission, torque converting attachment, servo and the drive-train device will also be developed by utilizing first hand modern technology.


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