Mini to Launch 2012 Roadster in 3 Variants

2012 MINI Roadster 3 Mini to Launch 2012 Roadster in 3 Variants

2012 MINI Roadster 1 Mini to Launch 2012 Roadster in 3 Variants

2012 MINI Roadster 5 Mini to Launch 2012 Roadster in 3 Variants

Mini has flashed a report in its site in relation to the price updation. New price chart has been published to make people aware of the three models which will be available for sale. Two seater Roadster model looks majestic and the color contrast is highly appreciable. At present, Mini gonna release three different car models like Cooper Roadster, Cooper S Roadster and John Cooper Works Roadster with the updated prices being at $24,350, $27,350 and $34,500.

The Cooper Roadster has been engineered with a 1.6 liter capacitated inline four engine to generate 121 hp. This variant is eco-friendly and swifter. The sprinting time of this car has been recorded 8.7 seconds to cover 60 mph. On the other hand Cooper S Roadster will be found in the market with a fully upgraded drive-train kit. It will have an energy efficient 1.6 liter capacitated engine to produce 181hp. The targeted sprinting time of this new vehicle model is 6.7 seconds. The topmost speed of this new vehicle is 141 mph. The fuel economic range is 30mph.

John Cooper Works Roadster has been upgraded properly to resist frequent technical drawbacks. It has been priced $34,500. It is comparatively expensive but in terms of performance it will be unbeaten and peerless. Its 1.6 liter turbo charged engine is supposed to generate a 2.8 engine. Experts will try hard to increase the visual acuity by adding gloss and color to the car. Dampers, an exhaust system, a carbon diffuser, a powerplant, a newly upgraded drive-train attachment and a durable metallic strut will be introduced. New cars will be less harmful by spewing carbon. Three different models will be gifted to consumers for driving with pleasure. However, it has not been cleared so far about the fixation of days to premier car shows for hands-on demonstration. May be within couple of weeks, the management of the company will bring exclusive reports to consumers regarding the premierships of new one-car models of their own segments.


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