Panamera XL Revised by Ruf for China

Panamera RUF XL Panamera XL Revised by Ruf for China

Though Panamera has done a wonderful job by upgrading a sophisticated and easy to operate Panamera Ruf has emulsified the energy efficient car which will be introduced to China. This new concept vehicle is Panamera XL variant which is supposed to be marketed in China to capture the Asian automobile industry.

The shape of this futuristic car model is 5370mm in length with an expandable platform. The beauty of the concept car is the cynosure of attraction. The widened B-pillars and lengthy rear doors are extremely durable. The interlocking system of the side doors with escutcheons is good. Major technical emulsification is conducted with care to avoid the technical error.

A 4.8-liter capacitated V8 powertrain has been installed into the compartment of tools. This eco-friendly car is naturally equipped with the sophisticated drive-train attachment. The engine is capable of generating 420 PS and 510 NM torque for the reactivation of the vehicle. Surplus 10NM torque has been added to the total volume of torque to ensure the smooth driving of the car.

However, before the introduction of this new vehicle to general customers, experts are busy of doing researches to track the defects of the car. The sharpness of the facelift of the car is excellent. The mild charismatic glow of the car is visible when you watch the color of the car. Aerodynamic design of the vehicle is an added advantage. There are other car upgradation accessories like dampers, an automatic transmission, an exhaust system, a car diffuser and fully tuned drive train attachment have been inserted into the car to ensure smooth structural elegance of this carriage. The interior portion of the fuselage of the car has been decorated with retractable car seats, an odometer, a tachometer and a road nav system. This is the sophisticated car which has a beautifully decorated dash, an infotainment system and an ergonomic steering wheel.

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