Peugeot not to participate in the race at Le Mans

Peugeot Out of Le Mans Peugeot not to participate in the race at Le Mans

As announced by the French car maker that they would not be participating in the year’s Le Mans 24 hours race as the economic climate in Europe is tough, so it is a bad news on the part of the Peugeot and motorsport fans. Their decision is effective with Peugeot stating that the decision is taken against the challenging economic climatic condition in Europe coupled with a busy year for it in terms of launching new vehicles. Peugeot wants to concentrate the resources of 2012 in it commercial performance particularly ensuring successful launch of the 3008 HYbrid4, 208, 508 RXH, 4008 and 508 Hybrid4 which will lead the Brand’s strategy of extending their global presence.

It was in the last 16 races held at Le Mans, that Peugot has registered 14 wins, the fiercest rival of which was the Audi, who will now achieve some easy wins until Porsche enters the endurance race in 2014. So let us wait to see what happens next. As it is a bad news for Peugeot fans and at the same this is good news for Audi as their tough competitor is not participating in the race which give them an opportunity to achieve some victories.

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