PG Elektrus – An E-Car with Energy Efficient Drive-Train

PG Elektrus Electric 3 PG Elektrus   An E Car with Energy Efficient Drive Train

PG Elektrus Electric 2 PG Elektrus   An E Car with Energy Efficient Drive Train

Silicon Valley is an automaker which has manufactured electric cars. This company has shown the way to other car manufacturing units to upgrade cars which must be equipped with battery charged drive-train, automatic transmission and carbon diffuser attachment. PG is the car maker and it has hired Michael Fröhlich, a German car designer for drawing a concept e-car which must be energy efficient and fuel economic. The new car model should have a durable compartment with the sophisticated street nav system. PG has finally announced the introduction of this futuristic model which will be sold under the brand name of PG Elektrus. This is the electric vehicle and its ultra-light carbon fiber insulated fuselage is attractive and eye-soothing.

In a published tech spec sheet, it has been stated that this theme vehicle must be sleek with an aerodynamic facial. The lithium ion battery will be introduced to upgrade the electric car. This is the electrically tuned vehicle which has been formatted on the technical configuration of Lotus Elise. This is the electric vehicle which will run at high speed without damaging the health of car passengers. Experts have confirmed the utilization of solar energy to charge batteries. A small photovoltaic solar panel has been installed inside the compartment to catch solar energy for the production of power. This will save fuel to some extent. It is also cost effective and environment-friendly.

The engine of this futuristic car model is up to date and its capability to produce horsepower and torque is 272-horsepower and 350Nm torque respectively. The sprinting time of the car is below three seconds. The whispering sound of the running vehicle is good and comfortable to the aged. Finally, the initial price range of this newly built electric vehicle is €240,000 (US$312,400). You must do a comparison study before the transaction. This is the car which is suitable to a sophisticated gentleman.


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