Renault India to Produce 2012 Pulse RXL and RXZ Models

2012 Renault Pulse Diesel Renault India to Produce 2012 Pulse RXL and RXZ Models

2012 Renault Pulse Diesel 1 Renault India to Produce 2012 Pulse RXL and RXZ Models

Renault India is a reputed company and its success is massive in manufacturing aerodynamic cars with excellent fuel economy. Renault Pulse diesel based small car is available in two variants like Pulse RXL and RXZ models which are energy efficient with compact car upgradation accessories. The Pulse car design is based on Nissan Micra. However, this new car looks smarter and more colorful with a sophisticated car upgradation kit for better performance. These small cars are equipped with automatic transmission, exhaust system, drive-train kit and street navigation system. Pulse variants are empowered by installing K9K CRDI diesel fed powertrains to make the car more energy efficient and standard in terms of quality. Performance based drive-train accessories, dampers, carbon diffusers, and the climate checking tools have been tuned up properly to ensure better performance in the long run. The sportive outlook in right combination with color contrasts to tune up these cars is really a matter of attraction. You will be able to drive your dream car using the sophisticated driving tools.

Technical Features

  • Displacement (cc) 1461
  • Bore & Stroke (mm) 76 X 80.5
  • Max Power 47(64)/4000
  • Max Torque Nm(kg-m)/rpm 160(16.3)/2000
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Front Brakes Disc with vents
  • Rear Brakes Drum

The tire bands are durable and of course capable of checking the slippery and skid-off tendency. The flexible rubber bands are not prone to deflation. Nor is there any structural deformity outside or inside the car compartment. The car seats are durable and easy to care. The leather upholsters are more charming and properly insulated in high quality leather.

The price range for Pulse RXL is 5.77 lakh rupees and 6.25 lakh rupees for RXZ car model of Renault Pulse diesel based cars which are fuel efficient. The introduction of these cars will definitely entice young generation. The tiny cockpits of these cars are attractive. When you keep glued to the light weighted squads inside the fuselage of the car, you will feel an amazing charm. The windshields, wipers, sun visors, glass reflectors, an ergonomic steering wheel and the compact interior d├ęcor kit have been upgraded to increase the competency and durability of vehicles.


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