Shy 2012 Chrysler 700C Concept made its entry into the show

2012 Chrysler 700C Concept Shy 2012 Chrysler 700C Concept made its entry into the show

Among all other exhibits that are displayed on Chrysler stand, the 700c Concept is also on the show. It has been accompanied with a brunette, but Chrysler has not yet revealed anything about the vehicle. Words reveal that they are just trying to test public reaction and initial journalist. If this comes out successful, then we would be looking forward at the conceptual preview of the Chrysler minivan which is expected to hit the market in 2014. The features in it include three rows of seats, sliding rear doors, a retro design with diagonal B-pillars.

The story behind this new model is very simple. The design in it is similar to any other design study. The decision to bring it in the show was made some two weeks ago just to see what people think about it. It neither has an engine nor a drivetrain, it is just a model. Chrysler intends to see what people think about it. The 700C is one that would look like. He is using this event as a focus group and to get feedback from the mass. As per Hespen, this model is not a promise of what is coming up next but it is just an idea.

It was an interesting concept shown in the Detroit Auto Show this week. This new model is evaluated as the design direction for the gen next minivan. It is a bold step on the part of Chrysler to give some styling features to the boxy people mover. It is now the public opinion that will decide weather this will see production or not. This 700C has made its entry in the end moment without any supporting literature or showcards so that the huge mass can decide on the design and the benefits of the model.

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