Suzuki to Upgrade Jimny / Samurai 4×4 Concept

wpid New Suzuki Teasers May Hint at Jimny Samurai 4x4 Concept 1 Suzuki to Upgrade Jimny / Samurai 4x4 Concept

If you do a survey to get information about the condition of the automobile industry in the world, you will have to admit that Japan, South Korea and of course India are speeding up their car upgradation programs to produce more sophisticated, eco-friendly, light weighted and dynamic turbo charged vehicles which are based on hybrid technology.

Suzuki has already declared that this Japanese automaker will perform duty to manufacture more cost effective and technically upgraded vehicles so that people will be satisfied to buy the less expensive, light weighted and energy efficient cars with high levels of fuel economy. Suzuki is going to change the old format of car upgradation. More powerful technology will be pressed into service to increase the competency and enhance the beauty of the vehicles. Jimmy 4X4 old version will be upgraded by replacing conventional tools and drive-train kit as far as it is possible to make the car more competent. Original Jimmy was in the market back to 1994 onwards. However, at that time this old version was not sophisticated like this new upgraded variant,

At 11th Auto Expo 2012 in Delhi, this futuristic vehicle will be showcased. According to official spokespersons of the management team of the company , in terms of fuel consumption, energy efficiency, and fuel economy, this car will be properly upgraded so that in spite of random usage of this vehicle, it won’t face severe technical drawback and structural defect easily.

The displacement tools of this car will be made more competent. The whole street navigating system will be given a significant technical emulsification for the enhancement of road safety and protection. The negative camber of the car will be high whereas the drag-in engine co-efficiency rate will be low to ensure the speedy swiftness of the vehicle. Finally, shock absorbers are also brilliant in performance in lowering the rate of shock and friction to ensure the proper movement of the vehicle in the street.


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