Volkswagen Introduces 2012 Five-Door Model with High Fuel Economy

2012 Volkswagen Five Door Model Volkswagen Introduces 2012 Five Door Model with High Fuel Economy

2012 Volkswagen Five Door Model 3 Volkswagen Introduces 2012 Five Door Model with High Fuel Economy

Volkswagen is a German automaker and its performance record is enviable. This famous car manufacturer has gifted energy efficient and fuel economic cars to people at comfortable prices. However, this time Volkswagen is putting emphasis on 5-door car model which is spacious to keep car passengers in safe. This concept vehicle will be available in the major car showrooms with the advent of summer this current year. European market is the profitable place for car sellers who like to earn good profits.

The tech spec report in the form of official brochure has been published for review. This spec sheet has given a list of car upgradation items like drive-train kit, dampers, automatic transmission, servos, torque converters, wheelbases, struts, lighting accessory, air inlets, trapezoidal grilles, tailboard lamps, side skis, doors with escutcheons, retractable car seats, dash, infotainment system and an ergonomic steering wheel to operate the car. 251 liter rear boot space is good for the safekeeping of products. The 1.0 liter V3 gasoline fuelled engine generates 59hp and 74hp as per requirement.

This five-door variant will be sold for US$615 in the open market. However, it is also true that Volkswagen has highlighted other areas of concern. There will be the availability of auto extending vehicle insurance to protect the vehicle from damage. This car will have a fully upgraded drive-train kit which includes a powerplant and an automatic transmission tool. This vehicle is not capable to spew black fume. The hardware of the new vehicle is solid with higher longevity. The tire bands of the car wheelbases are durable and flexible. The exhaust system and a carbon diffuser of the car are properly adjusted to prevent the loss of fuel and check the air contamination process. This car provides good mileage. There is not massive cowl shake or scuttle tremor in the front. This is the vehicle which will be launched soon in the European market for sale.


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