Volkswagen set to develop 2013 plug-in hybrid for U.S. market

2013 Volkswagen plug in hybrid Volkswagen set to develop 2013 plug in hybrid for U.S. market

Volkswagen has very recently introduced the Jetta Hybrid in the North American International Auto Show and there is buzz going on saying that a plug-in hybrid is in work. The German automaker, Car and Driver is making a plug in hybrid powertrain which will make use of a turbocharged 1.4 liter petrol engine, a battery that is not yet disclosed and an electric motor. This in turn would enable the vehicle to travel about 30 to 35 miles which means 48 to 56 km only on electricity. Other information on this model is not yet disclosed but as per the magazine, the model will soon be launched and the powertrain would eventually be offered on US-spec Passat and Beetle.

Although the company has kept its mouth shut regarding the details, its specifications and features and yet we know the new model will soon be ready for sale in the US market. Whatever be it, we have to wait till more details come our way and till then we have to keep on guessing about the features it would have. We hope that this new model will hit the list in the US market and will satisfy its customers.

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