2012 Audi RS4 Avant – A Short Review

2012 Audi RS4 Avant 2012 Audi RS4 Avant   A Short Review

2012 Audi RS4 Avant 1 2012 Audi RS4 Avant   A Short Review

If you look at Audi RS4 Avant car model, you will feel proud as it is a smart and dashing vehicle with an aerodynamic fascia. Before the commencement of Geneva auto show, the company has leaked vital information about the car. In a technical spec sheet, it has been stated that there will be a 4.2 liter V8 powertrain to generate 450PS and 430 NM torque. Thus you will have a sophisticated vehicle with a compact car tune-up process.

There will be an S Tronic transmission and Quattro all wheel drive tools. The runtime of the car is set at 4.7 seconds to cover 0-100 km/h. The topmost speed of the vehicle is 280km/h. 19 inch wheelbases are alloyed and there will be properly upgraded struts and dampers to check the friction. The axle bars are conducive to the proper fixation of the car tire bands.

LED headlamps are supposed to be placed into ultra light bezels for releasing bright light to help navigators to do their jobs properly in the night. However, the color contrasts are ok. Eye-adjustable hues have been used to emulsify the exterior texture of the vehicle. The ergonomic steering wheel is flat and durable. The odometer, a speedometer, a tachometer and properly developed street monitoring systems will be re-adjusted to upgrade the car with accuracy.


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