2012 Cisitalia 202 E- Piece of Art

IED Cisitalia 202 E 2 1024x682 2012 Cisitalia 202 E  Piece of Art

IED Cisitalia 202 E 1 1024x682 2012 Cisitalia 202 E  Piece of ArtBattista Pinin is not a stranger to the automobile industry. His innovative idea, mind blowing artistic elegance, strong imaginative power and vast technical expertise helped him to produce a majestic showpiece which was fantastic in design. He created an eco-friendly Cisitalia 202 car with a superb fuselage. He applied few strokes of colors to paint the exterior texture of the compartment of Cisitalia 202 model. It is still preserved in the archive of New York’s Museum of Modern Art which has held it in high stature as a plethora of artistic work.

However, a brilliant student studying at Master of Arts in Transportation Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin (IED) has sketched few colorful snapshots of Cisitalia 202 E which is based on the former car model. He has tried his level best to keep the balance between the natural aesthete and the technical upgradation in a more systematic way. To be frank, this is the futuristic vehicle which has the aerodynamic fuselage with a fluidic exterior design. Flow of gorgeous red colors run down to create a sensational thrill. You will be excited to watch the car which has been painted in eye-adjustable color contrasts. E is meant for evolution. That means there is a technical revolution or a breakthrough in the upgradation of the concept vehicle. At Geneva Motor show, a one-off vehicle will be exhibited for a hands-on demonstration. This is the environment-friendly car with a compact beautification package. Every inch of the concept edition has been taken care of using the latest innovative technology. More structural elegance has been maintained minimizing the cowl shake and deformity in reshaping the car.

Moreover, the negative camber of the car is superb. The lower part of the wheelbase extends couple of inches forward comparing to upper section. That means there will be an adjustable angle of the car wheelbase to produce traction in an excellent way. LED lighting fixture, street nav system and the eye-catching dash with a pair of sun visors have also been chosen after tests and trials to add up a magnificent glamour to the vehicle. A pair of fluorescent lamps has been positioned right into grooves of bezels which get tuned up well to mingle with the smooth texture of the bonnet of the aerodynamic vehicle.

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