2012 F&M Evantra – More Stylish, Dynamic and Fuel Economic

2012 F and M Evantra 2012 F&M Evantra   More Stylish, Dynamic and Fuel Economic

2012 F and M Evantra 1 2012 F&M Evantra   More Stylish, Dynamic and Fuel Economic

Mazzanti Automobili is an Italian automaker which is famous for releasing superb stylish cars at smart prices. Now this is the company which has gained another big project for the production of Evantra. To be frank, Italian automobile industry is being spoon fed by multinational companies and large scale car tuning firms to revive the lost glory. Therefore the introduction of Evantra to Italian consumers will be a surprising gift.

Evantra model has been designed by Zsolt who is a Hungarian by national. This super car is equipped with a compact technical upgradation kit which has an energy efficient drive-train, automatic transmission and completely upgraded street navigation accessories. This smart car is light in weight and it looks dynamic due to the mind blowing exterior design. The interior space of the fuselage of the car has been made sexy by installing glossy leather insulated upholsters to cover the retractable car squads. Inside the cockpit of the vehicle, therein lies a dash which looks dandy. You will find an ergonomic steering wheel which is soft to touch and easy to operate.

The technical specifications include a 3.5 liter capacitated V6 engine which is flat in design. Two different types of powerplants will be available for installation. You can choose any of them for your own safety. There will be 397 hp or 595 hp which will be generated by turbo charged engine. The glossy texture of the vehicle is not only attractive but also the interior design of the vehicle is superb. The eye-catching lighting fixtures to help car drivers for better nocturnal navigation are durable and up to the mark. It is a two-seat coupe version. The ultra-light aluminum frame of the compartment of the car will help you to drive the vehicle with comfort.

Lastly, you will be happy to know that both inside and outside of the car have gone through a radical change. This is the vehicle which is fuel economic and energy efficient. The percentage of carbon release is very low. It is swift and fashionable.

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