2012 Lexus GS Super Bowl XLVI commercial revealed

2012 Lexus GS Super Bowl XLVI commercial 2012 Lexus GS Super Bowl XLVI commercial revealed

Lexus has set free ‘The Beast’ in the Super Bowl commercial which is to air in the end of the first quarter of Sunday, on the 5th of February. Featuring the new 2013 Lexus GS, the 30 second spot reveals the model like a beast that untamed and tries to break free from the container. This is symbolic of the efforts of the company to give a new design and direction to the brand. Lexus also gives a hint that new models will be revealed later this year as the additional containers seems to be at the background.

In the words of Brian Smith, the Vice President of Marketing, Lexus group, the new model is showcased as this is the first model to be equipped with the new look of the Lexus and is also the first of the nine new models that will be launched this year. He further added that the spot looks different from anything that the company has done before and it also reveals to the 50 million strong Super Bowl audiences that this year will be a breakthrough year for the company. So it is clear that the company has high expectation from the new model and let us wait to see the outcome.

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