2012 Mazda Takeri Concept – Eco-Friendly, Majestic and Colorful

2012 Mazda Takeri Concept 2012 Mazda Takeri Concept   Eco Friendly, Majestic and Colorful

If you might have watched the recorded colorful snapshots of Mazda Takeri edition which was displayed at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Sedan exhibition back to December last year, you will understand how much competence engineers have shown to tune up the concept vehicle. It is good and it is also appreciable for the production of the eco-friendly car to facilitate modern people.

However, after participating into auto exhibition in Japan, Takeri is planning to concentrate on the venture to European countries. This will be a light weight aerodynamic sedan with an up-to-date car tuning kit which will have an energy-efficient powertrain, an automatic transmission tool, an exhaust system, a carbon diffuser. a torque converter, and dampers to check the excess friction by opting for shock absorption mechanism. Takeri has been designed based on KODO or soul of motion concept. More stress has been thrown on the interior d├ęcor and structural elegance. The beautifully painted fuselage of Takeri edition is unbelievable. It is the concept car with a cost effective car upgradation package.

Mazda has tried its best to remodel the Takeri using the most sophisticated technology. The perfect mixture of art and science is strongly palpable in this futuristic car model. SkyActive car upgradation technology has been used to manufacture the vehicle. This time, a team of specially skilled engineers and car designers have been pressed into services for lending their talent and technical expertise in formatting the hardware of the vehicle applying the innovative technology and using the strokes of artistic luster for the production of a majestic aerodynamic eco-friendly car. The stylish vehicle has a cockpit which is filled up with upgraded street mapping devices, a dash, a gripe-safe steering wheel, and rear view glass reflectors. You will be happy to drive your dream car for enjoying the overnight trips with your sweetheart. Mazda ensures the safety of car passengers by installing i-ELOOP technology in the upgradation of Takeri variant.


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