2012 Melkus RS2000 Black Edition – Energy Efficient with Good Fuel Economic Features

2012 Melkus RS2000 Black Edition 1 2012 Melkus RS2000 Black Edition   Energy Efficient with Good Fuel Economic Features

Should you check the previous data and performance records preserved in the archive, you will come to know how fantastic Melkus was to invest his valuable time for inventing few remarkable light weighted vehicles. You must feel proud of watching the snapshots of conventional models of Melkus long way back to 1950. However, water seems to have gained more speed to slip out of hand. After a long hiatus, this German automaker has gained both efficiency and experience to boost up its car tuning program.

RS2000 Black Edition is superb to look. If you check both outside and inside of the vehicle, you will have a clear conception about the technological advancement in building up the vehicle using the most ultra-modern tools. Powertrain, an automatic transmission tool, an exhaust system and fully upgraded dampers to check the road friction, and highly competent street nav systems have been opted for to make the vehicle more realistic and glossy. The carbon fiber insulation will be done with care to upgrade the vehicle. Alcantara leather will be used to design retractable car seats, upholsters and dash cover. In a press release, it has been confirmed by the German company that the main original model is RS2000 variant but after a technical modification the new addition of Black Edition of Melkus has been made to bring the accuracy to the car upgradation.

The galloping time of this new vehicle will be 4.5 seconds and topmost speed of the car is 270km/h. The availability of the energy efficient powerplant and an automatic transmission converter will be planted to ensure the car upgradation fantastically. There is sufficient room inside the compartment of the futuristic vehicle enhances the safekeeping of passengers. There are fluorescent lamps which will be placed into the bezels. The aerodynamic car design is remarkably beautiful. It is fuel economic. The price of this RS 2000 Black Edition is €149,900.


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