2012 Onyx Concept Evoque Rouge Edition – A Review

2012 Onyx Concept Evoque Rouge Edition 1 2012 Onyx Concept Evoque Rouge Edition   A Review

Onyx Concept car tuner has rightly taken the positive decision to flash the reports regarding the imminent introduction of the upcoming Evoque Rouge Edition to the market commercially. Evoque will be more sophisticated and high watermark. It will be equipped with front bumpers, upgraded and easy to care vented bonnet and much more polished compartment. The frontal facelift of the cockpit of the vehicle will be more dynamic and attractive. Vents and exterior pillars will be properly redesigned.

The flow in brushing up the car using the weather resistant color shades is majestic to redefine the car tune up program. The interior and exterior lighting fixtures, a dash and windshields have been given a special technical emulsification to change the conventional pattern of the fastback vehicle. Better to say, it is aerodynamic with a sleek cockpit to enhance the structural luster and the natural aesthete. Experts prioritize the introduction of the major car upgradation tools to beautify the car. The steering wheel, a dash, the wipers, sun visors, non-retractable quarter glass, escutcheons and eco-friendly street navigation accessories will be installed to heighten up the glow and elegance of the vehicle. High quality Nappa leather has been opted for to design the car seats and steering wheels inclusive of dash covers. The spoiler, glass shields, rear view reflectors, the spacious cubby and the sophisticated interlocking systems are all superb in functionality.


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