2012 Peugeot 208 XY Concept Vehicle- A Technical Review

Peugeot XY Concept photos 1 1024x682 2012 Peugeot 208 XY Concept Vehicle  A Technical Review

The modern car upgradation program is really promising due to the advent of advanced technology to bring both flavor and sophistication for enhancement of structural elegance of an aerodynamic car. To be frank, if you look askance at the small cockpit of the 208 XY Concept vehicle, you will have to run past to watch the snapshots of old fastback cars. Though major changes have taken place to ensure the compact fusion between the curb appealing design and the interior decoration in a more strategic way, you will have to admit that this is the futuristic vehicle which has a conventional make-up to appear more charismatic. Better to say, this is the car which is meant for a stylist guy who likes to drive a sophisticated aerodynamic vehicle. The fantastic touches of neo-classic art and ultra-modern fluidic curb appealing have been fused in a more organized way to enhance better structural elegance.

This is a super-mini vehicle and its top to bottom surface has been given a compact technical emulsification so that it will smarten up a car owner. This is the supermini which is equipped with an energy efficient power-train, an automatic transmission, suspension dampers, an exhaust system, carbon diffusers, a more eco-friendly drive-train kit to ensure the hassle-free expedition by this car.

This is the concept vehicle which performs more brilliantly because of the insertion of durable, light weighted car upgradation accessories. The cockpit of the vehicle is loaded with a dash, sun visors, an odometer, a tachometer, a speedometer and a fully updated street nav system along with sun visors, rear view reflectors, an electronic infotainment attachment, cubby, an ergonomic steering wheel and wipers to erase the water bubbles from the glossy windshield during rainy seasons.

The large alloy wheelbases are rimmed with tire bands. Dampers are capable of sucking shock to prevent friction. Tire fenders and the metallic struts are attached close to the car wheelbases for the protection of tire bands from the roughness of weather. This concept vehicle has low carbon emission tendencies.


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