2012 Renault Sport 265 and Megane RS 265 Cup Models with Proper Technical Tune-ups

2012 Renault Megane RS 265 2012 Renault Sport 265 and Megane RS 265 Cup Models with Proper Technical Tune ups

Renault has announced that it doesn’t necessitate the management team to put a stay on the current car upgradation program. Though it faces financial stringency due to attrition level in the European market for few weeks, it has geared up the sales of its eco-friendly cars. As a part of expansion of car business, Renault is going to release two updated futuristic Reanultsport 265 and Megane RS 265 Cup. Prices of these new models will be £26,025 and £24,825 OTR respectively. Delivery of these two car models will be completed in the early part of April.

A team of experienced technical experts have pointed sharply that the precision in the upgradation of these two vehicles is supposed to be done using the advanced technology. There will be an increase of 15 brake horse power and 20 NM torque to make it 261 bhp (195 kW / 265 PS) and 360 Nm (266 lb-ft) torque. Both models have same toque generating capacities. However, there is another report dispatched by a spokesperson of Renault that this car will be environment friendly. People will feel comfort while driving vehicles. The runtime of these vehicles will be 6.0 seconds to cover 0-100 km/h with topmost speed of new models has been pegged at 158 mph and 254 km/h which are applicable to these cars. The tendency to spew lethal carbon and black fume is very low and therefore out of danger. Modern car tuners have opted for ‘Red Design Pack to bring both elegance and color to the cars.

The Cup Chassis which will be available for sale is priced at £1,350. The 18 inch matt black colored alloy wheelbases of new car models are extremely durable, flexible and capable of producing adequate traction. The tire fenders, metallic struts, dampers, axle bars, and the car upgradation accessories have been renewed and updated through the utilization of hi-tech tools.

The outboard sitting location, street navigation accessories, a dash, cubby, steering wheels, sun visors and rear view reflectors of these car models have undergone a change to enhance the structural beauty. The overall performance of these vehicles is really appreciable.

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