2012 WheelsandMore Ferrari 599 GTO revealed

2012 WheelsandMore Ferrari 599 GTO 2012 WheelsandMore Ferrari 599 GTO revealed

It is in news that the Ferrari 599 GTO is to retire very soon. But before its exit, Wheelsandmore would be given a chance to work its makeover magic on the Italian sports car. The consequence of this is a souped up 2012 Wheelsandmore Ferrari 599 GTO. This has hit a home run with all its efforts. The new model a pile of 21” three piece handcrafted 6Sporz ultralight wheels which are covered by S1Evo Hanbook tires while having a yellow and black powder paint job. The forged alloys also brings to the forefront the yellow and black theme having dimensions of 9J X 21 inch for the axle at the front while 12.5J X 21 inch for back axle. It also has in it an additional hydraulic lift suspension which is triggered by remote. This action will raise the front axle to 1.18 inches to allow the model to clear any obstacles on road or debris which could be a threat to the leading age of the car.

Wheelsandmore has given to it an improvement in performance which forms the basis of this upgradation. Adding to it remapped ECU and stainless steel outlet with remote capable valve flaps, it was successful to squeeze out power from the powerful supercar’s massive V12 engine. The outcome of this a potential leap from 670 hp and 457 lb/ft torque to 715 hp and 490 lb/ft torque. This car is to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in 3.35 seconds with top speed of 335km/hr which equals to 208 mph. This gives the model drag strip acceleration in combination with Indy car speeds. The tune up program for the model is a good piece of work which will enable this famous Italian sports car to retire with style.


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