2013 BMW 640d xDrive Coupe revealed

2013 BMW 640d xDrive Coupe 2013 BMW 640d xDrive Coupe revealed

2013 BMW 640d xDrive Coupe 1 2013 BMW 640d xDrive Coupe revealed

2013 BMW 640d xDrive Coupe 3 2013 BMW 640d xDrive Coupe revealed

BMW is to add another variant to the BMW 6 series which is lined up with the BMW 640dXDrive Coupe and Convertible to appear in Spring 2012. making its debut in the series it is equipped with six cylinder in line engine featuring BMW doublepower Turbo technology to take the pleasure of driving to another level. The combination of BMW all wheel drive and diesel engine will also feature in the new model and gives the series the abilities none other can compete with. The new model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in 5.2 seconds. The diesel powerplant of 230kW/313 hp makes use of the doublepower Turbo technology to guarantee outstanding efficiency and joins with standard fitted eight speed sports gearbox to produce exceptionally low consumption of fuel and emission. The XDrive system circulates power generated by the engine between front and back wheels as per demands of the situation. There is also an electric control unit which joins it with DSC system to guarantee maximum safety, unbeatable traction, top class handling and power development in all conditions.

The pulling power fitted in the BMW 6 series allows it to do everything that is needed of an engine in a car with sporting focus. The new series adds lustre to the earlier version by taking its efficiency and performance to new heights for the first time. The powerful diesel engine displaces 3.0 liters. This package comprises of multi stage turbocharging and direct injection whose injectors work with maximum pressure of 2000 bar. The recent multi stage technology responds precisely as per demands of driving situations. The engine produces maximum torque of 630 Newton metres as low as 1500 to 2500 rpm with the maximum output at 4400 rpm. There are many more features associated with this new variant.


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