2013 Ferrari California unveiled

2013 Ferrari California 2013 Ferrari California unveiled

It has been known for sometime now that Ferrari was preparing an update for the California model and now, the Italian automaker has made it official by releasing the first photos before the world premiere of the hardtop roadster in the Geneva Auto Show to be held next month. There are not many styling changes noticeable apart from the silver coloured front grille underneath the skin. Thoroughly revised, the model benefits from a 4.3 litre V8 engine that is upgraded and gives an output of 490 PS and a torque of 505 Nm which means an increment of 30 PS and 20 Nm. This enables it to gain speed from 0 to 100 km/hr in only 3.8 seconds or it can be said that it is 0.2 seconds faster than the earlier model. Most importantly, the engineers have managed to reduce 30 kg from the California’s framework without affecting the structural rigidity and performance of the model.

Ferrari has featured a new optional ‘Handling Speciale package’ which is to include modifications in the suspension set up which minimises body roll and makes the car much more responsive to inputs of the driver. This package includes Magnetorheological dampers which are controlled by a faster ECU, modified steering wheel with 10 percent more steering ratio and stiff springs. It has also introduced much extensive palatte of colours including new two tone finishes and modernised reinterpretations of classic colour schemes of the company. Other details are limited and are soon to be released. Till more details come our way we have to be satisfied with what we have. We have to wait further and keep guessing till more details are released. So we can only hope that it will do well and will attract customers with both its features and performance.

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