2013 Porsche 911 GT3 in favour of PDK

2013 Porsche 911 GT3 2013 Porsche 911 GT3 in favour of PDK

When the all new 911 was unwrapped before the 64th Motor Show in Frankfurt, it was considered an important step in the evolution of rear engined sports car by Porsche. The 991 combines signature 911 shape that is updated for 21st century with elongated wheelbase and wide front track for stability while is powerful and yet frugal. However, from that which has been released, the electromechanical steering which has replaced the hydraulic unit for the sake of reducing consumption of fuel was received with mixed feeling.

It has been confirmed in road tests that although it gave drivers more confidence in the corners, the legendary feeling was dampened. It is the same electromechanical steering which will feature on all versions of 911. As per an Inside report, the engineers at Stuttgart are considering to offer the GT3 version with dual clutch PDK transmission. August Achleitner, the project leader has revealed that Porsche Motorsport is at present evaluating both dual and manual clutch transmission for GT3 a beefed up version of seven speed unit which are available in Carrera S and Carrera. However, the production model due in the upcoming year would be available with only one. He further added that PDK is supposed to get the green light. He also defended the steering which he claims that it removes the feedback of not requiring it and the PDK transmission as it accounts for 70 percent sales.

When the PDK was introduced in the 997 in 2008, almost all praised its operation while objecting its retaining confusing, steering wheel mounted shift buttons. Porsche responded to it during that time saying that the customers were used to it and had no complaints regarding this.

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