2013 Rimac Concept One with a Complete Car Tune-up Program

2013 Rimac Concept One 1 2013 Rimac Concept One with a Complete Car Tune up Program

2013 Rimac Concept One 3 2013 Rimac Concept One with a Complete Car Tune up Program

If you check all the cars which have been released so far, you will have to admit that 2013 Rimac Concept One is dissimilar and also unique as a team of experts have tried best to bring a sea-change to the car tuning program. 2013 Rimac Concept One is one of the energy-efficient models which will be powered via pure electricity. It will have a number of the latest car upgradation tools.

It will be a super car and its energy efficiency with fuel economic rate will be unbelievable. This is the super car which will be backfired to the market by the end of 2013. This magnificent glamorous queen is also aerodynamic. You can operate this car without any trouble. Breaking the hurdles of conventional legacies and stereotyped technology, a group of engineers have utilized their skills and extensive technical background to heighten up the efficiency of the super car model. Adriano Mudri has been empowered to draw a layout of this concept e-car. He has drawn a number of images of this futuristic car which has a light weight structure, a durable drive-train kit, an automatic transmission, an exhaust system and powerful street navigation tools.

Powertrain will be properly assembled for better technical uniformity. There are four different subsystems which include an engine, gearbox and inverter. Comparing to the ordinary electric vehicles, the general output of this edition will be 1088. Run time of the car will be a dash of 2.8 seconds to cover 100 km per hour. Speed will cross 250-300 km per hour basis. The re-chargeable batteries will be 92K Wh to power the drive train for further activation. On one shot of battery recharge, the car can cover 600km. Therefore it will be an excellent dashing car with smart design to attract young generation. The sleek body and eco-friendly interior car tuning accessories are some of the important phases which will help consumers to enjoy weekend car expedition. Rimac car has a solid infrastructure with a compact technical tune-up kit for the acceleration of speed and enhancement of structural elegance. This is the car which must be bought to ensure the hassle free driving.


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