2013 Volkswagen Beetle TDI exciting features and photos

2013 Volkswagen Bettle 5 1024x682 2013 Volkswagen Beetle TDI exciting features and photos

2013 Volkswagen Bettle 1 1024x682 2013 Volkswagen Beetle TDI exciting features and photos

Volkswagen is a German based automaker which has broken many world records by producing extraordinary less weighty vehicles. Now this German automaker is drawing another plan to backfire 2013 Beetle TDI at the Chicago Auto Show. This vehicle will be equipped with the latest equipments to ensure the compact tune up for the betterment of the vehicle.

The car upgradation kit will contain dampers to minimize the friction, four 17 inch aluminum wheelbases, chrome trims and a number of magnificent devices to add up the perfection to the development of car. This time, you will have a wonderful chance to drive this vehicle with pleasure as there is enough space inside the compartment for comfortable sitting. The flexible and ultra-light sun rooftop, side doors with adjustable glass screens, escutcheons, retractable seats, upholsters, an odometer, a speedometer, a tachometer, an ergonomic steering wheel, a dash and many attractive tools are supposed to be used for ensuring the car upgradation program. This vehicle has the terrific speed and eye catching color contrasts. The outward appearance of this vehicle is really promising and appreciable. The frontal fascia is designed with air inlets, fluorescent lamp bezels which flow back couple of inches more for the proper aesthetic appeal. Technical orchestration is also enhanced to beautify the car.

There are 2.0 liter diesel fed powertrain, an automatic transmission, and torque converting tools, brakes, axle bars, metal based struts, fenders and hi-tech audio system. The fuel consumption is low and highly energy efficient. The under view of the engine compartment is good because of the proper arrangement of other chips and accessories to ensure the technical compactness for better performance. 2013 Beetle TDI variant will be released soon after completion of technical tune-up process. It is a fantastic car with a powerful drive-train attachment. The level of carbon emission is down comparing to other vehicles.

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