2013 Volkswagen BlueSport to Be Gifted to Market Soon for Satisfaction

2013 Volkswagen BlueSport 1 2013 Volkswagen BlueSport to Be Gifted to Market Soon for Satisfaction

When Porsche CEO Matthias Müller halted plans for an entry-level roadster, many of us assumed the Volkswagen Bluesport was dead in the CEO Matthias Müller of Porsche has declared that the company is no longer interested to produce entry-level roadsters. At the same time, Volkswagen has surprised its customers by taking a sudden decision to withdraw Bluesport cars from market for shortage of fund, lack of managerial skill to increase the flow of car upgradation program and passive response on the part of consumers to buy Bluesports.

However, at a seminar, Uli Hackenberg, the engineer of Volkswagen has told reporters confidently that in spite of low demand in the international market, Bluesport can be manufactured in huge number if the management team of Volkswagen shows its interest in using the sophisticated technology to upgrade the models for better output. Bluesport car models must be more eye-catching, dynamic, energy efficient and cost effective so that consumers must have several chances to buy Bluesport vehicles. In addition there should be a proper channel to market Audi models to satisfy consumers. If the sales increase, the management must put emphasis on the production of Audi and Bluesport doppelgangers in huge number. The car upgradation programs must be tailored using the ultra-modern technology.

More innovations in the styles and designs of futuristic Audi and Bluesport should be opted for to make the cars of their segments environment-friendly with low fuel consumption. If everything goes well, within the span of 3 years, the company will start dishing out more attractive light weight Audi and Bluesport vehicles.


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