Land Rover Introduces Range Rover Available in Three Variants

Range Rover 2012 Special Editions Land Rover Introduces Range Rover Available in Three Variants

Land Rover is going to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of up-to-date Range Rover. To mark the special occasion, Land Rover gonna release three different variants like Westminster Edition, TDV8 Autobiography and Supercharged Autobiography. These three models will be equipped with eco-friendly tools and car upgradation accessories. The glossy grilles with Titan silver accents plus 20 inch wheelbases.

Westminster Edition is packed with Kardon audio system, dual infotainment, steel insulated plates with alloyed pedals. This car model is loaded with a energy efficient 4.4 liter capacitated TDV8 powertrain plus an 8-speed automatic transmission. Both TDV8 Autobiography and Supercharged Autobiography car models are uploaded with stainless steel made exhaust system in unison with 20 inch alloy wheels. The initial prices of these three new car models have been pegged at £69,995 respectively. However these special editions can be modified further before being introduced to people. Maybe, prices can shoot up to some extent.

Land Rover has launched three variants which are naturally environment-friendly and fuel economic. There are other technical features of these special car models. If you ensure a compact comparison study, you will come to know that a team of experts have invested their precious hours for the proper technical tune up so that in the long run, these three car models will entice people for better outlook, aerodynamic features, hi-tech street nav systems and an up-to-date drive train kit. That’s why, according to experts, Land Rover must gain success and popularity due to provide excellent cars for better expeditions. If you properly observe these models, you will learn about the new additions to increase the speed, attraction, efficiency and durability of cars. The introduction of air spoilers, trapezoidal grilles, audio systems, climate checking tools, dashes, binnacles and other car tuning accessories will complete the compact car tuning and development program. In this connection, you should check the snapshots of these futuristic models in the official website of the company.

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