McLaren MP4-12C with an Up-to-Date Drive-train Kit

HPE800 McLaren MP4 12C 1 McLaren MP4 12C with an Up to Date Drive train Kit

Hennessey Performance is one of the car tuning firms with the headquarters in Texas, the USA. This car tuner has been given an important job to upgrade McLaren MP4-12C model which should be more fuel economic, aerodynamic and swift in rushing through hurdles of air. The technical precision and accuracy in tuning up the vehicle will be done by a team of experts. A 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 powertrain generates 592 hp and 600 NM torque. However, right now this car tuning firm is trying to discover new techniques to remodel the car for the acceleration of speed and swiftness.

The compact technical emulsification will be conducted by experts whose innovative skills and technical expertise will bring a sea-change to the car upgradation. HPE800 Twin Turbo is fully revised and new. V8 engine will be upgraded to accelerate the proper channelization of torque via automatic transmission to reactivate the car wheels. Titanium exhaust system is also upgraded with intercooler and air intake attachments to take the previous horsepower amount to 800 hp. However, it has not been confirmed whether experts will have to reedit the tech spec sheet by bringing a massive change to the upgradation of drive-train kit to increase the horsepower and catalytic force to reactivate wheelbases of the vehicle.

The street navigation accessories will be properly updated and reviewed to avoid technical errors. However experts will not modify brakes and suspension kits. They will traverse their eyes from the suspension unit to other phases of car upgradation program. It is not possible to re-construct the brakes and suspension units in the tuning center. Therefore it has handed over the task of brake modification to the parent company for further modification. On the other hand, to enhance the energy efficiency, experts will use the most user-friendly technology to make the drive-train attachment up-to-date. The car wheelbase will have tire bands which are flexible, competent and capable of generating traction. This car is easy to drive.


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