MINI to Bring “Breadvan” Concept

mini logo MINI to Bring Breadvan Concept

It is after three door hatchback, Clubman, Coupe and Roadster variants of the Mini, the British carmaker will preview yet another style at the Geneva Motor Show next month through a thinly disguised concept. It is the Clubvan which is based on Clubman. Unlike the latter, this will do away with the back seats and the windows at the side and offering a continuous loaded bay stretching to the passenger seats at the front. However, it is not yet known, if Mini has plans to bring to light a production version but it would not be surprising if it did so as the Clubvan is a light commercial version of the Clubman.

Details on this are very limited. Nothing has been revealed so far and it is expected that other details as to the features and performance is concerned will soon be revealed. We have to keep an eye on this for further details and more information will come our way as soon as preview date approaches near. Till than one has to be satisfied with whatever information has come our way. This is to say that the features and equipments of the new model are still under covers. However, it is expected that these information will soon be revealed and the model will perform well with all its features. It will be able to draw the attention of its customers and will be one of the best sellers and will definitely do well among its customers. Whatever it is we have to wait to see the outcome and have to look forward to the Geneva Motor Show. What can be said more, we can just wish luck and hope for the best.

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