MY 2012 Fiat Punto – More Fuel Economic and Speedy

MY 2012 Fiat Punto MY 2012 Fiat Punto   More Fuel Economic and Speedy

MY 2012 Fiat Punto will hit the market very soon in this month with a new price chart. The facelift has undergone a radical change due to the introduction of a number of easy to care car upgradation accessories. In the UK market, this aerodynamic vehicle will be available for 9990 GBP at the initial stage. For Pop variant, this aforementioned price has been pegged. However, it will be higher in the case of Lounge 1.3 MultiJet model. Experts have told reporters that one should pay 15,600 GBP for buying MY 2012 Fiat Punto car with Lounge 1.3 Multijet feature. There are six different powertrains for generating torque to the car wheels. These six powertrains have been engineered following the set of rules framed by Euro. There are two more models in the waiting list to appear in the domestic market in UK. TwinAir petrol fed powerplant and MultiJet diesel based engine.

Besides, you will come into contact with the list of car tuning accessories like an energy efficient drive-train, dampers to check the friction, an exhaust system, a carbon diffuser, easy to care street nav systems, lighting fixtures and climate tracking devices. An air spoiler will be installed inside the fuselage of the vehicle to bring fresh air inside to refresh body and mind. The cockpit of the car is really beautiful and colorful. The smooth texture of a dash, easy to steer grip safe steering wheel and a tachometer to calculate rotation of wheelbases are some of the excellent features of this fuel economic vehicle.

The MY 2012 Fiat Punto is equipped with a durable and fitted spoiler, an exhaust system plus a long lasting sound reduction attachment. Both exterior and interior decorations have been done with care. The fluorescent lamp bezels, air inlets, side skis and adjustable side doors are fully functional without any structural deformity. The technical tune-up has undergone a full fledged upgradation to increase the speed, and durability of the car. The huge room inside the cockpit of this vehicle is conducive to the proper safekeeping of passengers. This sophisticated car is also energy efficient with an excellent carbon emission checking system.

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