Prindiville to Tune up Limited Edition Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender by Prindiville Design Prindiville to Tune up Limited Edition Land Rover Defender

After a long hiatus, Prindiville has come back with a lot of futuristic plans and programs to energize the automobile industry. That’s why; it is a superb start to bring a surprise to consumers who feel ecstatic to know beforehand about the release of the upcoming model. Prindiville is not a new born baby in the automobile sectors. It has already earned handsome appreciation and accolades from the various quarters of the society. This is the reason and you will have to be aware of the release of Limited Edition Land Rover Defender model. This is the futuristic car model which will have a technical upgradation kit for bringing a new dimension to the concept car.

At first, there will be few new doppelgangers of the new concept vehicle to attract consumers in the market. However, after couple of months, customers will get more stylish vehicles of Land Rover line up. TDi powertrain under the engine compartment of the vehicle will be installed into the car cabin for adding additional gloss to the vehicle. An energy efficient 2.4 liter capacitated TDi engine is supposed to be used to upgrade the vehicle. There will be power and catalytic force to make the smart cab rush smoothly without producing fume to harm the environment. The possible brake horse power of the smart vehicle is around 122 bhp. According to the experts, the upcoming model will be based on Defender 90 edition. This car will be more eco-friendly and fuel economic. There will be more torque due to the application of the sophisticated torque generating unit. You will get a good chance to drive your smart car to cover several miles without having any vitriolic experience.

If you watch the colorful snapshots of the one-off edition, you will be overwhelmed to see the majestic beauty of the car. The sophisticated street monitoring system will be introduced to ensure the proper nocturnal street navigation. This is the car which will have glossy retractable squads plus ergonomic leather upholsters. This is the vehicle which will have an aerodynamic model. The color matching of the vehicle is naturally superb.

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