Soul’ster Concept is under Revision by Kia

Kia Soulster Concept 1 Soulster Concept is under Revision by Kia

Kia Soulster Concept Soulster Concept is under Revision by Kia

It is not that everyone will be happy and prosperous. However at the same time it is also true that life is adventurous and you need a change in enjoying the charisma in your life. Now to some extent, it is applicable to Kia which is a famous Korean automaker. It has had numerous pilot projects to bring a first hand revolution in the upgradation of the vehicle. Way back to 2009 at Detroit Motor Show Kia demonstrated its one-off car model under the brand name of Soul’ster with convertible features. This car model was wrapped off for public view. However at that time this Korean company didn’t show any interest for the production of these cars.

After a long hiatus, the management of Kia has taken a resolution to expand the business for more profits. As a part of car upgradation process, this company has appointed a group of experts to tune up Soul’ster. It has also been confirmed that the car will be just like a convertible truck and the format of the hardware of the vehicle will be updated applying the eco-friendly technology. This boxy truck will have lot of space inside the vehicle for the safekeeping of passengers. A group of qualified technical experts will attend the car upgradation program to add more glamour to the vehicle.

The interior space of the vehicle will be utilized properly by installing retractable squads with reclining options, a dash, sun visors, rear view reflectors, an ergonomic steering wheel, a speedometer, an odometer and sophisticated street monitoring devices. The frontal windshields, glass windows, interlocking accessories and fully updated climate checking attachment will be pressed into service to ensure the trouble free street navigation. This truck will have a long lasting compartment. Four wheelbases are durable with long lasting tire bands. The dampers positioned close to wheels are capable of checking friction for the enhancement of technical uniformity and stability. The complete car tune-up program will be conducted with care to steer clear of defects and structural deformities.

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