Volkswagen MQB Platform – Suitable to Polo/Passat

Volkswagen MQB Platform Volkswagen MQB Platform   Suitable to Polo/Passat

Volkswagen has finally declared that it would bring a putsch in the automobile industry by launching more energy efficient and cost effective car upgradation projects. Now experiments are in full swing to invent new techniques for the enhancement of technical tune-up. MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix) is an up-to-date car tuning platform to increase the fuel economy and efficiency of the vehicle. This technically upgraded car upgradation kit contains highly efficient street nav systems, an odometer to measure the distance along with an easy to care tachometer.

More stress is supposed to throw on the drive-train modification program. In a recent conference, one of the spokespersons of the company has confirmed the usage of EA211 petrol fueled powertrain which will be able to generate 148 hp. The V4 powertrain has the de-activation mechanism to control the cylinders for the sake of adjustment. This upgraded platform is suitable to Audi 3 and Golf variants. You will have a golden chance to make a long trip to reach the destination. However, VW will also tune up more dashing vehicles. The architectural beauty of these concept vehicles is extremely eye-catching. The magnificent glamour of the vehicles will surely win your heart. In addition, major technical modifications have been adopted for proper usages so the fuel economic level will increase and carbon emission rate will be down. Maybe there will be more surprises in future. At least it is clear that this German automaker has stepped forward to add up gloss to the car tuning program.

Sometime back, in a TV program, the CEO of the company has admitted that this new platform will perform unexpectedly to upgrade the cars for better output. On the other hand, he also confirmed the possible changes in the diesel propelled EA288 powertrain which has the capacity to generate 187hp. The new car tuning platform is easy to maintain and you can re-modify the platform if necessary. This car upgradation kit is conducive to the development of Passat and Polo cars as well.

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