Volkswagen to Launch 2012 Skoda Citigo 5-door

2012 Skoda Citigo 5 door Volkswagen to Launch 2012 Skoda Citigo 5 door

Volkswagen is a German based automaker which has already satisfied consumers by providing aerodynamic cars with modern car upgradation accessories. Better to say, this German automaker is not only famous in introducing fuel economic vehicles but it also provides scope to consumers to enjoy cost effective purchases as it offers discounts on special occasions. Now this company has finally decided to launch Skoda Citigo variant which will hit the domestic market in Germany maybe in the first week of May or it can take couple of weeks more to appear in the showrooms.

This is a 5-door car model with lot of technical changes and modifications. So far so good, this company has flashed few colorful snapshots of this futuristic model which will guide consumers to assess properly. This is the fuel economic car which will be presented to 2012 Geneva Motor show in March. At that time, a hands-on demo will be conducted by a team of experts to make people aware of pros of this vehicle. Meanwhile, this German automaker has published a tech spec sheet in which it has been stated that this is the theme car with a 1.0 liter capacitated V3 petrol fed engine which has been tuned to generate 60hp. The torque generating capability is also remarkable.

Apart from the installation of energy efficient powertrain, experts will bring an understandable change in the format of interior design of this futuristic vehicle. Retractable car seats, leather upholsters, a dash with a binnacle on the platform, an odometer to track the distance covered by this vehicle, the tachometer to record the movement of car wheels in rotation, the climate checking tools, the street nav system, the ergonomic steering wheel and windshields will be properly installed. The frontal part of the compartment of the vehicle has been formatted using the latest technology. The car wheelbases, tire bands, axle bars and metal struts have been assembled and then fixed properly.

There is the least cowl shake at the front with low drag-in engine co-efficiency rate to ensure the swiftness of the vehicle even in the strong blow of wind. The smoke spewing tendency of this vehicle is naturally very negligible and therefore eco-friendly.

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