2012 Ford Focus Electric Car- Eco-friendly and Fuel Economic

2012 Ford Focus Electric 1 2012 Ford Focus Electric Car  Eco friendly and Fuel Economic

2012 Ford Focus Electric 2 2012 Ford Focus Electric Car  Eco friendly and Fuel Economic

Ford Focus Electric vehicle is now available in few selected cities like New Jersey, New York and California. Comparing to Nissan Leaf, the overall fuel economy of this e-car has been recorded as 110 MPGe city / 99 MPGe highway / 105 MPGe combined. The new electric car is extremely performance based with a massive technical upgradation. This is the vehicle which runs on batteries. The outer hull of the compartment of the vehicle is so charming that you will have to feel soothed after throwing a glance at the structure of the vehicle. Overtaking hurdles and conventional legacies, a team of experts has formatted the design of this electric car introducing updated interior d├ęcor accessories for the enhancement of the exterior and interior car upgradation.

Chuck Gray is believed to be the chief engineer of Global Core Engineering department. He has stated in his interview that the company will try hard for using the latest hardware kit and tune-up tools to rebuild the vehicle. The car will have low carbon release tendency with higher fuel economy rate. The more upgradation is ensured to beautify the vehicle. However, major technical revisions are left for implementation. This is the vehicle which will be sold in other cities in America. There will be new car models to please teens. Ford has a world wide reputation. It is glamorous and therefore it is shinning bright in the global market.

Till now there is no information about the release of this new car in other cities save and except California or New York. However, depending on the accumulated facts, this car will be equipped with an energy efficient drive train kit. Besides, you will find automatic transmission attachments, exhaust systems, and carbon diffusers as well. There will be adequate space inside the fuselage of the vehicle. You will be able to conduct nocturnal navigation driving your vehicle.


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