2012 Hyundai’s i-Oniq Concept – A Technical Overview

2012 Hyundais i Oniq Concept 2012 Hyundais i Oniq Concept   A Technical Overview

Hyundai is not a sick company. It is booming and in next year, it will appear as a super power in the automobile industry. At least experts predicted in this way. The release of Hyundai’s i-Oniq theme model will be a magnificent incident. It will be more interesting to attend the auto exhibition to have the glimpses of the sleek model.

The specialty in the design of this concept vehicle lies in the introduction of a majestic low roof compartment. The extraordinary Korean fluidic design has been used to upgrade the car in a different way. The approximate size of this concept vehicle will be 4400 mm in length. If you check the interior décor of this vehicle, you will be glad to see the glossy ergonomic ratcheted squads with reclining features.

The coziness and warmth of comfort you will feel at the time of keeping glued to the squads. The fluorescent lamps are in the right position. The glass insulated bezel covers flow back several inches to enhance the structural charisma of the car. This sophisticated car looks smart. The sporty design is extremely popular and attractive. In a press release, one of the official spokespersons expressed gleefully that this car would be fuel economic and energy efficient.

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