2012 Italdesign Brivido Concept

Italdesign Brivido Concept 2012 2012 Italdesign Brivido Concept

For the 42nd appearance in Geneva Motor Show, Italdesign Giugiaro makes the premiere of the hybrid, functional, four seated prototype which is developed on the mechanics of the Volkswagen group. The new model is able to reach 100km/hr in 5.8 seconds with a top speed of 275 km/hr without any compromises so far as comfort or space is concerned and is inspired by the technological innovation, the Brivido sums up. As explained by Giorgetto Giugiaro, about the few big appearances in the Geneva Motor Show, he said that he has centred his research on the cars which offers great space with compact dimensions and proposes concrete solutions to the problems.

He further stated that 2012 will be a crucial year for them and for the group as well and with this car they want people to continue dreaming and imagining about the future. It is an exercise to show a vehicle which delivers awesome sports car performance in a way that is eco-friendly, to show technological content and most importantly to have great comfort. Luxury in modern sense means travelling in comfort. He said that he wanted to test himself with a GT this year which is 4.98 meters in length and is capable of reaching the speed of 275km/hr. He also said that the Brivido is not a dream car as it is not something that is destined to remain a dream that is unachievable. He has intended to design something that is close to industrial reality and which can be easily released in the market. This car was designed, engineered and was also manufactured at Moncalieri in the Italdesign Giugiaro. Let us see how this car performs and weather it is able to fulfil the expectation of the group or not. Let us wait and see how it does in the market.


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