2012 Limited Edition Cerato EXtra sedan to be Released by Kia

2012 Kia Limited Edition Cerato eXtra 2012 Limited Edition Cerato EXtra sedan to be Released by Kia

Kia has released an interesting official brief in which it has been stated that soon new aerodynamic performance based cars will be introduced to satisfy customers. Xtra and Australian Cerato sedan vehicles will be gifted to people.

Cerato eXtra will be equipped with more sophisticated and energy efficient power-trains to produce sufficient catalytic force. Suffice it to say, car designers will be active in emulsifying the vehicles in a dynamic way. Inside the compartment of the eXtra vehicle, there are durable retractable car seats and other technically advanced interior d├ęcor accessories which include the inset glass mirrors, sun visors, an odometer, a speedometer and a tachometer. The ergonomic steering wheel in the car is flexible to operate.

eXtra will have a compact technical tune-up kit. Instead of installing 15inch steel made wheelbases, the 17 inch alloyed wheels will be used to design the car. There will be a rear view cam, a polished dash with a binnacle to increase the street monitoring system. Cerato eXtra with a 6-speed manual transmission tool will cost you $21,490 whereas 6-speed automatic transmission attachment is available for $23,490. Si model hatch back will also be given a special look and it will be made energy efficient and fuel economic.


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