2012 Mercedes CL-Class Grand Edition – Meant for Teens and Oldies

2012 Mercedes CL Class Grand Edition 2012 Mercedes CL Class Grand Edition   Meant for Teens and Oldies

Mercedes is a well known automaker and its reputation is dazzling just like an evening star. However, S Class Coupe model is performance based, result oriented and fuel economic. A touch of sophistication in the car upgradation has been envisioned. However, the latest tune-up program is much more promising as a team of experienced technical faculties have been empowered to emulsify the CL Grand Edition applying eco-friendly car upgradation accessories. Maybe, this concept car will be backfired within couple of months this year. On the other hand, the company has made it clear that no compromise will be entertained in enhancing the technical tune-up to speed up the car release program.

Initially, depending on some stolen snapshots of this futuristic car model, one can assume that this concept vehicle will be more gorgeous and stylish rather than the car way back to 1960. A special car upgradation program has been opted for to develop the vehicle both technically and aesthetically. If you look askance at the one-off car model of CL Grand Edition, you will be glad to see that it is a smart car which is exclusively for teens to enjoy weekends.

In a technical spec sheet, it has been stated that four 20 inch ultra light wheelbases are rimmed with weather resistant rubber bands. Fenders will be used to protect wheelbases and tires from water, dust and friction. Dampers are capable of checking the shock to increase the performance rate of the vehicle. The

Just have a look at the drive-train pack which is energy efficient and up to the mark. The Grand Edition is equipped with a 4.6 liter Biturbo V8 engine which generates 435 hp. Besides you will get V12 5.5 liter Biturbo powerplant which is supposed to release 517 hp. Now more constructive tune-up program is under the blanket. Perhaps, consumers will be entertained by offering extremely environment friendly car with a compact interior d├ęcor kit. You will have to drive this car on your own to have a wonderful experience as this vehicle will have sophisticated street mapping system, an ergonomic steering wheel, an odometer, a speedometer, a tachometer and the multi-functional street navigation devices. Electronic infotainment attachment is also meant for introduction after doing a massive modification.

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