2012 Nissan Micra Diesel XV – Smart and Dashing

2012 Nissan Micra Diesel XV 2012 Nissan Micra Diesel XV   Smart and Dashing

So far so good, Indian market is appearing more lenient and liberal giving excellent offers to NRI entrepreneurs and foreign traders to expand their business in this country. When Nissan decided to bring a new dimensional change to the car industry, it has highlighted few specific areas of concern. Nissan Micra Diesel XV is the sophisticated vehicle which will be sold in different parts of India. It is a small size vehicle. Now in case you concentrate on the upgradation side of the car, you will come to learn that the proper technical upgradation has been done with care to increase the sale of this variant in the domestic market

This vehicle has K9K Renault 1.5 Litre dCI engine which transfers 160 Nm of torque. 64 PS is delivered to power the mini-car. Though it is small, it can take the excess load of passengers. This is the small aerodynamic vehicle which has a beautifully decorated cabin. A number of technical features of the car have been included so far to bring the perfection to the car upgradation program.

If you do a comparison study, you will come to know that Maruti Swift diesel fed car is not faster than Nissan Micrat though Maruti has superb quality 1.3 liter multi-jet engine. The same thing is also applicable to the usage of Punto which also slows in running comparatively. That’s why this Micron will be in high demand among consumers who want speedy vehicles with low carbon emission feature. This new car has an automatic transmission tool, torque generating device along with a number of interior décor accessories. This is the vehicle which has a solid compartment with fully revised street navigation system. The glasswork of the car is marvelous and highly fashionable. The frontal and rear portions of the car have been specially upgraded to ensure the curb appeal and better outlook.


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