2012 Nissan Semi Aerodynamic DeltaWing Racing Car

Nissan DeltaWing Racing Car 1 2012 Nissan Semi Aerodynamic DeltaWing Racing Car

Nissan is a Japanese automaker which has gained global recognition, prestige and honor by manufacturing hi-tech eco-friendly cars. This automaker in Japan has also done a good job by unwrapping DeltaWing racing car which will be gifted to Le Mans 24 Hours race. This is the one-off car model which has been engineered to present it at the auto exhibition.

DeltaWing racing car is fully environment friendly, fuel economic and of course energy efficient. It is loaded with a number of technical features. Experts have confirmed the introduction of the 1.6 liter capacitated V4 power-train inclusive of turbo DIG-T and direct fuel injection system. It will run on petrol. Nissan Deltawing looks brilliant and more ultra-modern. It seems to be a jetliner because of spindle like face with sharp compartment. It is type of semi-aerodynamic vehicle. It will run at high speed to cover the distance without creating harsh noise.

However, this aerodynamic model will be upgraded by using the latest technology to increase the speed, swiftness and smartness of the car. Its power-train will be activated by injecting petrol. The 1.6 liter power-train is capable of generating 300 horse power. This vehicle is not only competent but also fully updated because of the installation of the energy efficient drive-train, an automatic transmission, an exhaust system and carbon suppressant device. The amount of deadly carbon will be controlled by suppressing the carbon generating tendency. The tire bands of the vehicle will be small in size but in terms of durability these tire bands will be long lasting. The conventional wings are attached to the semi-aerodynamic race car. The length of this concept race car is 183.1 inches. The fuel economy of this vehicle is 10.6 gallons. Light weight metals have been used to reconstruct the internal frames of these vehicles. Carbon insulated discs and pads have undergone a technical upgradation.


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